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    Ubiquiti W-Fi Installers in Chelsea

    When you see the name “Chelsea”, you probably immediately think of the Premiership-winning football club of the same name, or the exclusivity of this West London district’s property market. However, these are far from the only examples of prestige that Chelsea people can enjoy. 

    For example, Chelsea-based households and businesses can also tap into the range of Wi-Fi solutions we offer – and we can provide these to the kind of high-end specification befitting the area itself. If your tastes are very discerning, there’s no reason for you not to be fussy about your Wi-Fi.

    That’s one big reason why we routinely source Wi-Fi products from Ubiquiti, one of the biggest – and most trusted – names in wireless connectivity. The brand’s products are also available in many different configurations, enabling us to create custom-designed Wi-Fi solutions.

    So, whether you have moved into one of Chelsea’s many enviable homes or you instead simply work in Chelsea, such as on one of the notable retail thoroughfares of King’s Road or Sloane Street, we can install Wi-Fi technology tailored to meet your specific needs.

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    Our WiFi Solutions

    Once we have established your WiFi needs, we can select from the following services to put together a Wi-Fi solution that ticks all of the relevant boxes.

    5 Star Rated Chelsea Wi-Fi Installation Company

    You only have to look at our glittering array of positive customer reviews to see how many people from far and wide have benefitted from our time-served expertise in handling Wi-Fi. However, we know that we can’t satisfy your requirements until we know what they are first.

    That’s why, whenever someone gets in touch with us for help with their Wi-Fi, we ask them to book a free consultation with us. What you tell us at this consultation will provide us with an outline of what you want from a Wi-Fi service.

    Naturally, though, we will eventually want to dive further into specifics, too. Hence, once the consultation has taken place, you should book a Network Report. This refers to a written report we will produce after assessing your current Wi-Fi setup with a money back guarantee.

    The inspection itself will occur at your Chelsea property – whether a residential or commercial one – at a time that suits you. We are very proud of the goodwill we have built up with customers – and we largely ascribe this goodwill to our dedication to learning what our customers want.

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    Our WiFi Partners

    Our partnerships with these big-name companies in the WiFi space help to ensure our installers, repairers and engineers can source what your WiFi network needs as and when it needs it.

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    Tailored WiFi Solutions

    We carefully tweak each WiFi solution we offer to ensure it meets the intended recipient’s needs.

    We Don’t Deal in “Quick Fixes”

    Our WiFi experts focus on what they know works, rather than simply throw everything but the kitchen sink at the problem.

    Quality Over Cost-Cutting

    When it comes to WiFi, you get what you pay for – and we make sure we don’t cut corners just to save money.

    Long-Term Solutions

    With every WiFi solution we handle, we make sure it is geared to withstand long-term use as required by the client.

    WiFi Installation InChelsea FAQs

    Once you have booked a network report and we have turned up at your Chelsea home or workplace, you can expect us to be there for roughlythe next two hours. In that time, we will do many things, such as:

    • Figure out what is causing issues affecting your Wi-Fi
    • Administer “cold spot” tests to see where your Wi-Fi coverage is lacking
    • Undertake small-scale repairs if these would be practical

    After we have closely looked at your existing Wi-Fi, we will be produce a written report with the solution.

    While a Wi-Fi access point – or wireless access point (WAP) – would be hard-wired to a router, switch or hub, the WAP itself would project a Wi-Fi signal. This means that a WAP could be placed in a specific area where Wi-Fi coverage would otherwise be weak or nonexistent.  

    In contrast, a Wi-Fi range extender would – as its name suggests – extend an existing Wi-Fi network’s reach, but must connect wirelessly to the router. Hence, an extender can only be placed where this router’s signal is already strong – just one example of many limitations applying to extenders and we would never recommend them as they are a waste of money.

    WAPs are much more effective than extenders at eliminating “dead zones” in Wi-Fi coverage. Here are just a few example reasons why:

    • WAPs can be installed anywhere as long as an Ethernet cable can reach them
    • WAPs can handle an unlimited number of simultaneous device connections
    • Devices carried around the property can automatically be shifted between WAPs

    The experience of using an extender would not be nearly as intuitive. For example, an extender is capable of supporting only a limited number of devices – typically, up to 20 – at one time.

    With a traditional Wi-Fi system, just one device – the router – would be responsible for producing a Wi-Fi signal. However, in a mesh Wi-Fi system, several devices would do this job – not just a main router, but also a series of nodes placed around the property.

    All of these devicesform the same wireless network; for example, they all share the same SSID and password. These devices also wirelessly communicate with each other to ensure that, wherever you are in the property, your Wi-Fi signal is coming from the nearest of those access points.

    Fortunately, there’s nothing stopping you – thanks to our guest Wi-Fi service. This is where we can implement Wi-Fi that your customers can then use when they visit your business base.

    This arrangement would give you many advantages; for example, it would let you:

    • Offer free – but also fast and smooth – Wi-Fi to your customers
    • Learn more about how your customers behave
    • Enhance your brand’s profile
    • Make various special offers available to your customers

    You probably already routinely use Wi-Fi for both personal and work purposes – but, all the same, you might be none the wiser as to when your current Wi-Fi network is crying out for a repair, upgrade or replacement. The following, however, are generally reliable indicators:

    • The Wi-Fi signal is stronger in some rooms than in others
    • Your internet speeds are slower when other people are also using the Wi-Fi
    • Your Wi-Fi signal fluctuates in strength for no obvious reason