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    You can probably tell that your property – a home, workplace or anything else – needs a new Wi-Fi solution, but whether you know precisely what form that solution should take remains another matter. If you don’t, take it easy – we can help you to decide.

    We can closely scrutinise your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, figuring out what makes it tick and what it still needs. We can then report back to you about what we’ve found and how you should go about plugging any lingering gaps in your Wi-Fi’s effectiveness.

    For example, we can suggest what equipment you should opt for and even, on your behalf, design and create the network required. We can also help you to optimise your Wi-Fi networks, a task that calls for in-depth knowledge of the hardware and applications in use.

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    How Our WiFi Service Works

    Specify Your Wi-Fi Needs

    There’s no one-size-fits-all Wi-Fi solution, but we can closely heed your needs to make sure we provide a wireless solution that meets them.

    Book Your Network Report

    We will provide you with a written report detailing any problems we have found when inspecting your Wi-Fi system – and what we can do about those issues.

    We Will Fix Your Wi-Fi

    The most suitable remedy could be anything from a simple repair or upgrade to a complete installation – but, whatever it is, we will undertake it on your approval.

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    What Wi-Fi Checks Can We Undertake?

    To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’re coming from. No, we didn’t learn that from a philosopher – instead, just from our experience of implementing wireless solutions built with the respective client’s future needs in mind.

    Today, small and large clients alike can benefit from our wireless LAN consultancy services, where we can fully audit your existing wireless network, put your systems through a comprehensive health check and conduct an array of Wi-Fi site surveys.

    Once we have established what your household or business needs, we can start putting together an exhaustive Wi-Fi solution to suit. Please contact us to learn more about how we can not only analyse various clients’ wireless systems but also assess how they can be future-proofed.

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    How WiFi Heros Outperform Other WiFi Companies

    Tailored WiFi Solutions

    We carefully tweak each WiFi solution we offer to ensure it meets the intended recipient’s needs.

    We Don’t Deal in “Quick Fixes”

    Our WiFi experts focus on what they know works, rather than simply throw everything but the kitchen sink at the problem.

    Quality Over Cost-Cutting

    When it comes to WiFi, you get what you pay for – and we make sure we don’t cut corners just to save money.

    Long-Term Solutions

    With every WiFi solution we handle, we make sure it is geared to withstand long-term use as required by the client.

    Our WiFi Partners

    Our partnerships with these big-name companies in the WiFi space help to ensure our installers, repairers and engineers can source what your WiFi network needs as and when it needs it.

    WiFi Consultancy FAQ's

    Our consultants can help you with your W-Fi – but, if you need help with that help, well... these FAQs could help.

    We can provide them right across the UK, as we take a truly nationwide approach. We can also serve all markets – from businesses and organisations to everyday people.

    Yes – and that would be no small boon if you are in a hurry as you use your Wi-Fi. Businesses could especially appreciate the increased speed when they are working to tough deadlines.

    Yes – but, as it’s a task that requires a lot of skill and expertise, you might need to be taught how to do it effectively. Fortunately, we can help teach you.

    In essence: skill, expertise and an in-depth understanding of how that network communicates with not only its environment but also the applications and hardware being used.

    We are thoroughly experienced in not only advising our clients on Wi-Fi solutions but also installing them, therefore leaving us with a large amount of well-honed knowledge we can impart to you.

    Yes – we not only accept this payment method but even advocate it, as we know it leaves clients with easier payment terms that help them to spread the cost.

    With a Network Report, we will assess your existing Wi-Fi network’s quality and suitability and prepare a written report estimating which Wi-Fi solution would best suit your needs.

    It’s easy to book a Network Report from our team; just click the link and then complete and submit the online form displayed at the bottom of the page that appears.