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    Wi-Fi Installation For Your Garden Outbuilding

    If you have a garden outbuilding, you might use it for many things – like working from home, following online fitness classes or maybe even just streaming music or films in peace. However, these are all uses for which access to reliable Wi-Fi can be imperative.

    Of course, your home probably already has its own Wi-Fi network – but you could find that its signal doesn’t quite reach the outbuilding or, if it does, is much weaker than it is in the main building. Fortunately, you can still give your outbuilding its own Wi-Fi access.

    Our Wi-Fi experts are skilled in implementing a wide range of online connectivity solutions for garden outbuildings. We could install a point-to-point link, a mesh network or a wireless access point (WAP) to let your outbuilding piggyback off the home’s main connection.

    Which of these solutions you should choose will be influenced by various factors, including the outbuilding’s location and how you intend to use the Wi-Fi. However, don’t worry about potentially feeling daunted, as we can talk you through all of the options at a free consultation.

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    How We Can Improve Your Garden WiFi

    Point to Point Installation

    Here, one unit mounted to the house transmits a signal to another device attached to the garden building, providing it with Wi-Fi access.

    Wireless Mesh Setup

    A mesh system installed in your home can include a node pointing out towards your outbuilding, thereby casting Wi-Fi coverage there.

    Wired WiFi AP Installation

    Using an Ethernet cable, we can connect your router directly to the outbuilding, where the cable will terminate with a Wi-Fi access point.

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    Extend Your Garden Wi-Fi For Your Summerhouse

    A summerhouse is a great place to sit back and relax – and, contrary to what its name might suggest, you could use it all year round. Key to the beauty of a summerhouse is that you could fit it out to make it feel truly yours.

    That can include equipping it with the tech you need to enjoy your beloved hobbies – such as, perhaps, playing online games or listening to music through a smart surround system. These are just two examples of activities for which you could need resilient Wi-Fi.

    If your summerhouse is located within a hundred metres of your main house, we could run an Ethernet network cable between the two to allow for a Wi-Fi access point right in the summerhouse itself. This arrangement would provide you with a reliable, high-speed connection.

    However, a mesh system would be a good alternative if you can’t run a cable across your garden – and a point-to-point Wi-Fi link could be the best choice if your main house and summerhouse are over a hundred metres apart.

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    How Our WiFi Service Works

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    There’s no one-size-fits-all Wi-Fi solution, but we can closely heed your needs to make sure we provide a wireless solution that meets them.

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    When it comes to WiFi, you get what you pay for – and we make sure we don’t cut corners just to save money.

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    With every WiFi solution we handle, we make sure it is geared to withstand long-term use as required by the client.

    Garden WiFi Installation FAQ’s

    The problem with attempting to use a Wi-Fi extender in this situation is the huge amount of trial and error that would be involved.

    Theoretically, an extender would enable you to extend your home’s existing Wi-Fi coverage just enough to reach your outbuilding. However, in practice, even if you place the extender as close to the outbuilding as possible, it’s far from guaranteed that you would get the extra coverage – or at least strong and reliable coverage – you need.

    Of course! We can do that by taking time to learn about your precise requirements – initially via a free consultation and later by undertaking a network report you can book. During the survey, we will take into account various factors – such as…

    • How far your garden outbuilding is from the main house
    • The strength of Wi-Fi connectivity your outbuilding requires
    • How large a budget you have for a new Wi-Fi installation

    Ultimately, though, you will always have the final say over what Wi-Fi solution you go with.

    The answer can be influenced by many different things, as there’s no single solution that would be capable of maximising the strength of an outbuilding’s online connectivity in every single case.

    For example, while a hard-wired solution between your router and the outbuilding would theoretically give it your full broadband speed, the signal could still degrade if it has to travel further than a hundred metres.

    A point-to-point Wi-Fi link would manage this kind of distance more easily, but would also need a clear line of sight between the house and outbuilding.

    The point-to-point system we would provide works through connecting the house’s router to a Wi-Fi access point in the outbuilding. A “sender” unit at the house would be pointed towards the outbuilding, where a “receiver” unit would receive the Wi-Fi signal sent by the other unit.

    Therefore, you can expect the signal your outbuilding receives to be at its strongest when physical obstructions like trees, foliage and other outbuildings do not impede the signal’s transmission. When those obstructions aren’t in the way, you have a clear line of sight.

    We can get Wi-Fi solutions up and running for a vast range of outbuildings – though which solution we recommend could depend on exactly what type of outbuilding it is. The varieties of garden outbuilding we are able to supply with Wi-Fi connectivity include:

    • Sheds
    • Converted barns
    • Summerhouses

    If you have an outbuilding relatively light in construction, such as a wooden shed, you might have more flexibility over which Wi-Fi solution you can choose while still ensuring a strong connection.

    As going for this solution would require network cabling to run between the main building and the outbuilding, there’s the obvious question of how you could shield the cabling from potential damage.

    If you aren’t comfortable with simply leaving the cabling lying above ground, you could dig a trench to bury the wiring. If you do go below ground, you’ll need shielded gel-filled Ethernet cabling for protecting the internal wires – but we can provide you with that Ethernet cabling on your request.