Wi-Fi FAQs

Any Questions? We’ve Answered Quite a Few…

The term “Wi-Fi” refers to wireless network protocols that a home or organisation will use to receive an internet connection.

Not quite, as a certain amount of network cabling is still needed for a property to receive an internet connection before Wi-Fi can share it.

It was originally coined simply as a catchy name and was not, contrary to popular belief, intended to be an abbreviation of “Wireless Fidelity”.

If websites often load sluggishly or streaming video content frequently buffers, you should consider contacting a Wi-Fi consultant who can audit your system.

Make sure your device’s Wi-Fi support is switched on and your device is close enough to the router.

You could try switching your Wi-Fi off and on again, rebooting the device and moving your device to a different location.

This could be due to your device’s location; try moving the device nearer the router or where there is less likely to be interference.

You could book a Network Report detailing not only issues we have uncovered by analysing your system but also our suggested solutions.

After assessing your current Wi-Fi, we can let you know if having it replaced rather than repaired would be more economical for you.

Yes, we accept Direct Debit for any of our services, as we know it could make payment easier for many of our customers.