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    What WiFi Design Do You Need?

    Our WiFi engineers will find out by visiting your property – whether it’s your home, your workplace or, indeed, your anything else – and carrying out a detailed WiFi survey, which will take into account such factors as your property’s location and building structure.

    Naturally, we will also consider how you will be using your WiFi and with how many people. Even if you like to take your WiFi connectivity outside, such as to your deckchair or shed, our WiFi surveyors – and, ultimately, designers – can follow.

    We will then, with your help and at your property, design you a WiFi network tailored to satisfy all of your requirements. By putting together this design at the property itself, we can figure out how the finished WiFi solution will be able to work around its quirks.

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    How Our WiFi Service Works

    Specify Your Wi-Fi Needs

    There’s no one-size-fits-all Wi-Fi solution, but we can closely heed your needs to make sure we provide a wireless solution that meets them.

    Book Your Network Report

    We will provide you with a written report detailing any problems we have found when inspecting your Wi-Fi system – and what we can do about those issues.

    We Will Fix Your Wi-Fi

    The most suitable remedy could be anything from a simple repair or upgrade to a complete installation – but, whatever it is, we will undertake it on your approval.

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    What Will We Discuss at the Wifi Design Meeting?

    A lot of thought goes into our WiFi network designs – and that’s why we will chat with you about various aspects set to shape the design in your case. We need to know, for example, how much WiFi coverage and what critical applications your business requires.  

    Once we have ascertained your needs, we can recommend the hardware best for meeting them. The strong relationships and partnerships we have forged with leading manufacturers mean we can easily source the WiFi hardware your business needs as and when it needs it.

    It’s only once we’ve finished consulting with you that we will work on the WiFi design itself. That design, in turn, will be your project’s “blueprints” – so, kind of like the Death Star plans, except that the Rebel Alliance doesn’t need to steal them.

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    How WiFi Heros Outperform Other WiFi Companies

    Tailored WiFi Solutions

    We carefully tweak each WiFi solution we offer to ensure it meets the intended recipient’s needs.

    We Don’t Deal in “Quick Fixes”

    Our WiFi experts focus on what they know works, rather than simply throw everything but the kitchen sink at the problem.

    Quality Over Cost-Cutting

    When it comes to WiFi, you get what you pay for – and we make sure we don’t cut corners just to save money.

    Long-Term Solutions

    With every WiFi solution we handle, we make sure it is geared to withstand long-term use as required by the client.

    Our WiFi Partners

    Our partnerships with these big-name companies in the WiFi space help to ensure our installers, repairers and engineers can source what your WiFi network needs as and when it needs it.

    WiFi System Design FAQ's

    “What is WiFi system design anyway,” Howard Jones probably never sang. He – and you – might have wanted to ask these questions, though...

    You might hear “LAN” crop up in discussions with us. It refers to a range of devices interconnected in the same physical location, like a building, office or home.

    It can be – though, when referring specifically to a wireless LAN, you should really use the term “WLAN”. In any case, “LAN” stands for “local area network”.

    That would happen at the Wi-Fi design consultation stage, as we need to make sure the WiFi design we provide can help filter LAN traffic and prevent broadcast traffic.

    With information about those matters at hand, our WiFi designers can more easily allocate resources in a way that leaves a safe, clean and fast configuration.

    No, it’s not quite for making omelettes – it stands for “private area network” and refers to a network using private IP address space, which itself is often used in homes and offices.

    No, not quite – though there can be some overlap, as private IP addresses are commonly used for enterprise local area networks (LANs) in certain circumstances.

    This is a virtual private network – a private network that allows you to use a public internet connection but still hide your IP (Internet protocol) address to protect your privacy and anonymity.

    This can depend strongly on how soon your WiFi needs change, but we can advise you on how long your chosen wireless network should last before you should upgrade that WiFi.