WiFi Mesh Network Installation

  • Reliably Expand Your Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Eliminate Black Spots in Your Coverage
  • A Flexible Solution You Can Easily Extend
  • Prevent Drops in Online Speed
  • Suitable for Both Homes and Workplaces
  • Long-Term Support Also Available

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    Ubiquiti WiFi Mesh Network Installation

    Have you ever wandered to certain areas of your home or workplace only to notice the Wi-Fi on your computer, phone or similar device slowing or even dropping altogether? These places would be examples of “dead zones”, and they are a common problem in many properties.

    Ideally, you want to be able to stroll through every room and on every floor of the building without your Wi-Fi connectivity weakening. Fortunately, this ideal is achievable with what is known as a Wi-Fi mesh network, which comprises a main router along with multiple mesh nodes.

    Mesh nodes are small radio transmitters each linked back to the main router. Each node is about the size of a computer mouse and casts Wi-Fi coverage across the specific area where the device has been installed, resulting in solid Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the building.

    This is why the word “mesh” is used; each node produces its own signal which meshes with the other nodes’ signals to create consistent, blanket Wi-Fi coverage across the entire property. We install mesh hardware from the big-name brand Ubiquiti for especially impressive results.

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    Expand Your Wi-Fi Coverage With A Mesh Network

    When you discern the tell-tale signs of entering a dead zone, you might initially reach for a Wi-Fi extender in an attempt to plug this gap in your Wi-Fi coverage. However, a mesh network would be much more efficient at delivering a Wi-Fi signal.

    Not only would this mesh network cast a much more dependable signal, it would also automatically switch your device between nodes as necessary in order to ensure the fastest possible speeds. If one node fails, you will simply be rerouted to another, still-functioning one.    

    It doesn’t matter how far away any of these nodes are from the router; all of these nodes will still produce just as strong a signal. It would also be easy for you to add new nodes to the system if your needs change over time.

    In contrast, with a Wi-Fi range extender, you would need to manually log into a new network every time you want to benefit from the extended coverage. We offer not only mesh networks but also a range of other Wi-Fi services for reliably expanding your coverage.  

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    WiFi Mesh Network Installation FAQ’s

    Practically any! This means that, however you want to use your Wi-Fi at home, you can continue to enjoy reliably strong connectivity. You could, for example, place a mesh node in any of these rooms:

    • An upstairs bedroom where you might stream music
    • A downstairs den or home cinema where you could watch streaming video
    • The kitchen in order to connect a smart fridge

    However you use – or anticipate using – your home Wi-Fi, you can let us know at a free consultation you are able to book with us.

    This will depend on various factors, including the amount of space you want to cover with your mesh network. We would advise you to calculate this in square feet – including each floor as well as any outdoor spaces you would like the Wi-Fi coverage to reach, like a patio. 

    You can then arrange for us to visit your property, where we will calculate anything else necessary for the mesh network installation. It is also at this two-hour visit that we will calculate the quote.

    Usually, when installing a mesh network, we will use an Ethernet cable to connect the main mesh router to the property’s existing broadband modem. Therefore, this modem and the main mesh router will typically be sited quite close to each other.

    It’s not always as easy to decide where the mesh nodes should go – but, as a general rule, if there are any areas of the property where its existing Wi-Fi signal is lacking or nonexistent, it would be wise to place a node halfway between here and the router with which the node must communicate.

    Once we have installed mesh nodes, you might occasionally fancy moving them – but you should be wary of placing them near a microwave oven or cordless landline phone, as these are both examples of devices known to disrupt Wi-Fi signals.

    Similarly, any node in the kitchen shouldn’t be placed beside the fridge, as its large metal structure is bound to block your signal. Fortunately, when we design your mesh network, we can heed “bad” places to put your nodes and plan accordingly.

    If you have a “standard” internet connection, where the only Wi-Fi coverage comes from the router, this coverage could fall short in some areas for reasons such as these:

    • Physical obstructions like walls or doors have weakened the signal
    • The router is placed awkwardly – rather than centrally – in the building
    • The building is simply too large for the router’s Wi-Fi signal to cover

    These are all issues that can be overcome simply by having a Wi-Fi mesh network installed in the property. If a mesh system wouldn’t quite work for you, we could design you an alternative Wi-Fi system aimed at tackling specific dead zones.

    The simple answer is yes. However, if your residential or commercial property has particularly thick walls, you could notice a slight – if potentially imperceptible – drop in Wi-Fi connectivity even when using a mesh system, which would nonetheless remain much more reliable than a router alone.

    Therefore, your particular building could potentially benefit more from a hard-wired network, as we could help you implement with our network cabling service. If you would indeed be better served by something like this, we can discern so during the site visit and let you know.