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    Is There a Problem with Your Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi usually runs so smoothly that it’s easy to notice when it doesn’t – such as when your streaming music keeps pausing or your streaming TV shows and films repeatedly buffer. Worse, when a problem does arise, you could struggle to figure out what caused it.

    Perhaps your internet is slow or faulty only in certain rooms, or there’s just that one device – the one you most want to use – that won’t connect to the Wi-Fi. Attempting to solve problems like this by yourself can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube.

    However, the good news is that, when a Wi-Fi issue in your home or workplace has you totally flummoxed, our Wi-Fi gurus can, on your request, be quickly on the case. We can scrutinise every part of your Wi-Fi setup and suggest solutions for issues we uncover.

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    How Our WiFi Service Works

    Specify Your Wi-Fi Needs

    There’s no one-size-fits-all Wi-Fi solution, but we can closely heed your needs to make sure we provide a wireless solution that meets them.

    Book Your Network Report

    We will provide you with a written report detailing any problems we have found when inspecting your Wi-Fi system – and what we can do about those issues.

    We Will Fix Your Wi-Fi

    The most suitable remedy could be anything from a simple repair or upgrade to a complete installation – but, whatever it is, we will undertake it on your approval.

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    Trust Us to Find a Wi-Fi Solution

    What’s the problem? Perhaps your Wi-Fi connection keeps randomly dropping for no obvious reason, or your internet just seems tortoise-slow right throughout the building. Sometimes, a Wi-Fi network can even mistake itself for Wally of Where’s Wally? fame, and disappear completely.

    Here’s how it works when you contact us for help. We will visit your property give your Wi-Fi a good once-over. In doing so, we could identify various issues – like Wi-Fi coverage black spots, Wi-Fi interference or bad throughput – with your network.

    Our engineers can carry out a range of checks, including a speed test, a cold spot test and device MAC allocation, on your wireless network. We don’t necessarily expect you to know what any of this jargon means; we will just get on with solving the problems.

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    How WiFi Heros Outperform Other WiFi Companies

    Tailored WiFi Solutions

    We carefully tweak each WiFi solution we offer to ensure it meets the intended recipient’s needs.

    We Don’t Deal in “Quick Fixes”

    Our WiFi experts focus on what they know works, rather than simply throw everything but the kitchen sink at the problem.

    Quality Over Cost-Cutting

    When it comes to WiFi, you get what you pay for – and we make sure we don’t cut corners just to save money.

    Long-Term Solutions

    With every WiFi solution we handle, we make sure it is geared to withstand long-term use as required by the client.

    Our WiFi Partners

    Our partnerships with these big-name companies in the WiFi space help to ensure our installers, repairers and engineers can source what your WiFi network needs as and when it needs it.

    WiFi Troubleshooting FAQ's

    Certain questions about our Wi-Fi troubleshooting work tend to pop up particularly often – but we are always happy to put customers at ease.

    Often, when someone runs into a Wi-Fi problem, it’s just the Wi-Fi connectivity not working or being sluggish – or devices failing to connect to Wi-Fi.

    Yes, as doing this resets the router and, often, improves its speed. However, you should wait five seconds before plugging the router back in, and this remedy isn’t a guaranteed success.

    These icons likely indicate your internet’s state and include separate icons for your modem, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Your router’s user manual will explain exactly what each icon is trying to tell you.

    Usually, yes – by typing your router’s device model number followed by the term “user manual”, including the speech marks, into Google. Otherwise, you could contact the manufacturer for help.

    Try resetting your modem – and, if that fails, your router, if it’s a separate device. If following these instructions doesn’t bear fruit, the problem could lie with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    In this case, we can replace that network – and even design you a new Wi-Fi system from scratch, in the process tailoring the design to meet the intended users’ specific requirements.

    Though Wi-Fi gear aimed at home users would be cheaper, it wouldn’t necessarily provide optimal performance in the workplace – a strong incentive for you to upgrade that Wi-Fi to business class.

    This is where we will thoroughly assess your current Wi-Fi network to look for problems. We will then suggest remedies for those in a Network Report you can book online