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    Smart Security Solutions

    If you want to feel confident that your home or workplace will be left safe and secure whenever you are away from it, you can take comfort in the wide array of smart security solutions we are able to install at domestic and commercial sites anywhere in the UK.

    The security systems we can provide include CCTV, alarms and remote monitoring. The mere presence of security hardware onsite can deter potential trespassers, thereby helping households to lower their insurance premiums and businesses to protect their hard-earned reputations.

    However, we specialise in installing not just security solutions, but “smart” security solutions. This means that they will be connected to your property’s online network, allowing you to remotely control these devices from a computer, smartphone, tablet or even smartwatch. 

    So, even when you are away from your home or office on an important trip, you can still easily see what’s happening back at the building. All you have to do is load a smartphone app to see, for example, a live video feed as your CCTV system captures it.

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    Protect Your Home With Our WiFi Integrated Smart Services

    Once we have visited your home and implemented a smart security solution there, it will be closely wedded to the property’s online infrastructure. So, we could give you the technology you need to remotely control various aspects of your home – from its lighting to its door locks.

    For example, we could equip each of the property’s doors and windows with a smart lock you would be able to switch on or off just by tapping on a smartphone screen. Say goodbye to the days of worryingly fruitlessly about whether you remembered to lock the door!

    We can integrate all of this smart security technology with the same online network covering your home. As a result, you will have the convenient ability to monitor and control all of these security appliances from the same interface on your mobile device.

    For when you don’t intend to leave the property for a while, we can also affix control panels to walls of your home, allowing you to intuitively control your smart security onsite. As for exactly what you need in smart security, you can let us know at a free consultation.

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    Smart Security FAQ’s

    These are locks you can use digitally, without needing to insert and turn any physical key. Nonetheless, you could still choose a smart lock system with which a physical key would remain compatible. Smart locks are available in these forms:

    • A key fob
    • Keypad
    • Fingerprinting system

    You would also be able to access the lock through various types of connectivity – including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave and mobile networks. We can use a free site survey to help establish which types of smart lock would work best for your particular property.

    These are devices that, once installed on a domestic or commercial site, can monitor what is happening, detect suspicious activity and, if the sensor does detect such activity, suitably respond – such as by sending you a notification that would turn up on your computer or smartphone screen.

    Good examples of smart sensors would include smart cameras and smart microphones – all of which we can install as part of a carefully-designed Wi-Fi system we would also able to implement for you.

    Many traditional security systems could fail to detect breaches at all. For example, while a traditional burglar alarm would only detect movement, a microphone-equipped smart device could be capable of recognising the sound of shattering glass. 

    If or when it does recognise this sound, the smart device could respond by locking down some or all of the property and alerting you, the property owner. We could also diligently manage your Wi-Fi network to prevent it from failing just as your smart security tech would be called into action.

    You could then decide, judging from the information provided to you by the smart security system, what steps you ought to take next.

    While a wide range of smart security appliances are available, they can only deter crime if the aspiring criminal is able to see that the smart security tech is there. Fortunately, we can easily set up your smart security system in a way that will make it obvious to potential trespassers.

    For example, we can configure your CCTV system so that, if it detects someone approaching your property, smart lights connected to the CCTV system will switch on. If these lights ever start failing to switch on when they should, the problem could be with your Wi-Fi, which we can troubleshoot.

    In one survey where former burglars were quizzed on what would have most deterred them from breaking into homes, the following were all ranked in the top ten most common responses:

    • CCTV camera
    • Strong, heavy doors
    • Locked uPVC windows
    • Motion-activated security lights

    These are all examples of security systems we can provide as “smart” tech or, at least, give the “smart” treatment. For example, if you already have strong, heavy doors and uPVC windows, we could equip all of these with smart locks.