6 Bedroom Property in Cobham

Secure Firewall Protected Ubiquiti Network Installation

Wifi Installation In Cobham

Sandra contacted us because she found that, though her household had Sky internet advertised as offering download speeds of up to 70Mbps, Wi-Fi speed and coverage remained too weak for the home’s attic office, Sky Q system and Sonos music system.

In certain areas of the house, actual download speeds touched as low as 12Mbps, our Network Report revealed. We therefore suggested that a mesh Ubiquiti network be set up in this large Victorian home, allowing for a faster and more stable network.

That’s very much what was achieved, as the house now benefits from 99% of Wi-Fi coverage where download speeds hit 50-70Mbps. The Sky Q and Sonos systems now work in every room, while the attic office gets excellent coverage suitable for use in working from home.

We Increased Wifi Coverage by



  • We carried out a Network Report
  • We also undertook a heat map test
  • We saw that structural beams hampered the router
  • Cat 6 cabling was fitted externally to the property
  • White-plate Wi-Fi access points fitted internally
  • Backbone infrastructure cables were installed

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