12 Bedroom House In Purley

Mobile Phone Signal Improvement & Wired Smart WiFi Access Points Installation

Purley Wi-Fi Installation

Residents of a home at the high-end Webb Estate in Purley asked us to help to improve their mobile phone reception and have a WiFi Network which could work with a URC Home Automation System. They wanted a Wi-Fi solution that could cater to have their whole home automated which entailed eight televisions as well as Apple TV content and a Sonos sound system.

It was a massive project, and would rely on various data points – including Wi-Fi points, which we were happy to install. Cat 6 infrastructure cabling was laid under floorboards and behind walls to help conceal this cabling while allowing it to unlock impressive Wi-Fi speeds.

Indeed, the Wi-Fi we installed was ultimately of excellent coverage and could deliver speeds of up to 300Mbps right around the house. The home’s garden area, too, was cast in strong Wi-Fi coverage, allowing residents to continue utilising the smart home features even from outside.

We Increased Wifi Coverage by



  • Apple TV, YouTube and Netflix content was integrated
  • Some cabling was laid under loft spaces and joists
  • 16 Ubiquiti Pro access points were installed
  • These points terminated in a brass-plated Cat 6 finish
  • Wi-Fi was available inside and outside the premises
  • Wi-Fi could be accessed within 100 metres

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