Reasons why you should keep your Wi-Fi secure with a password

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Chances are that, when you originally set up your current wireless router, it came with a password by default. However, that standard password could be worryingly easy for hackers to guess – especially if they can tell what manufacturer made that router. This is also easy to guess in many instances.

That’s because, often, the wireless router’s default SSID – service set identifier – is the manufacturer’s name. Therefore, when someone uses a computer to search for nearby wireless connections, they could see the SSID and, as a result, quickly discern the password. You can change both the SSID and password on your network.

Choose a password that comprises at least 20 characters – with numbers, letters and a range of symbols all included in it. Consequently, it will be harder for hackers to guess the password they need to access your network. Our network maintenance services can further help you to bolster your Wi-Fi network’s security.

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