Location, location, location: where should you place your Wi-Fi router?

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If your Wi-Fi connection often drops as you move around your home or workplace, it’s probably because you are moving a little too far away from your Wi-Fi network’s router. However, you can save yourself a few headaches by simply finding a better place in the property to leave that router.

As a general rule, you would be best-advised to place that router centrally in your home, as that router will be transmitting from all directions to make for a circle of coverage. However, keep the router away from common electronic items like cordless phones, as these can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.

You should also try to find a wide, open area for that router, rather than inside a cupboard or right next to a wall. Often, the more visible that router is, the more likely it can let its Wi-Fi signal flow uninterrupted. We can upgrade your Wi-Fi if it still seems unreliable.

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