Slow Wi-Fi? Try these simple hacks

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If you can feel frustration set in due to your Wi-Fi coming across as strangely slow, relax – it could actually take just a simple change for you to speed up your network. Here are a few simple things you could try in an attempt to ease strain possibly weighing down on your Wi-Fi.

Firstly, check where your router is. If it’s on the ground, that router’s performance is probably being impeded, so be sure to put that router higher up. Then, see if anyone else is currently using your Wi-Fi network for data-intensive tasks such as streaming Netflix or updating the operating system.

If all else fails, interference from other electronic devices in your property could be the culprit – even if those devices aren’t on the same frequency as your Wi-Fi. Switch off those devices where you practically can, and call upon us to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi system if you continue to run into problems.

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