Simple ways you can speed up your Wi-Fi connectivity

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While encountering sluggish Wi-Fi can be frustrating, overcoming that connectivity problem can actually be very simple – if you know what you are doing. Often, when Wi-Fi falters, you can potentially fix it without even needing to seek a Wi-Fi technician’s help – as even just your router’s location could be a factor.

In general, the further your online-connected devices are from the router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal will get and, therefore, the more unstable the connection will become. So, try to shift your devices nearer the router – and, if that fails, investigate whether other people are using the connection and for what purpose.

As streaming music or downloading a software update can put a lot of strain on a Wi-Fi connection, you should try to make sure it is only being used for urgent tasks. If you make sure of this but your Wi-Fi remains slow, we could troubleshoot that Wi-Fi system on your behalf.

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