The biggest culprits when it comes to slow Wi-Fi

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If you’ve ever asked yourself why your Wi-Fi is slow, step right this way, as we know the leading causes of sluggish Wi-Fi. Fortunately, it isn’t often difficult to overcome these obstacles; the main one is insufficient coverage, in which case, you should get your online device closer to the router.

Another potential problem is that your device could be using the 2.4 GHz band, which tends to be used by many devices – including non-Wi-Fi ones – and, consequently, oversaturated. Contact the WiFi Heroes team to learn how you can switch your device to a different band that isn’t quite so clogged up.

Alternatively, your Wi-Fi woes could simply be due to your router not quite being up to scratch. Fortunately, when tweaking or overhauling your Wi-Fi setup, we can switch you to a newer, more modern router more powerful in capability. Replacing your router can also help to boost your Wi-Fi network’s security.

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